Not My Prophet

Many times over the past few days we’ve heard anchors and reporters refer to Mohammed as “The Prophet Mohammed”. Whose prophet and why bestow this dignified title on the recognized leader of a religion so steeped in violence?  After some research I’ve discovered that this is a prefix used by devout Muslims. So why adopt it as part of our dialog?  This nod of reverence serves only to globally legitimize the Islamist view of Sharia Law and endorse terrorism. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser continually tells US officials to stop telling Muslims what is Islamic as John Kerry stands in front of our nation trying to persuade the world that ISIS is not part of Islam.  It’s time to get real and stop making ridiculous statements as Josh Earnest is so apt to do.  Don’t tell us the sky is red when we know it’s blue.  We can see it’s blue.  Don’t tell us that no religion condones violence, especially not Islam!  Dr. Jasser says that this type of discourse keeps the reformers from having a voice.  There are surely many millions  of Muslims who do not want to murder infidels and apostates, but in order for them to succeed in their pacifism, terrorism must be called what it is.  Mohammed is not my prophet…is he yours?


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